We want to welcome you to Laurelwood Public School’s Distance Learning Home Page.  

This page is to help all those who want to connect with their Online teaching platform. 

This will either be a Google Classroom for grades 1-8 and See-Saw for our Kindergarten Classes.


                              Distance Learning:  Information for start-up

                                                Click your child’s homeroom teacher’s name to access next steps.

K1 Mrs Towes K2 Ms Herner K3 Ms Carteledge 1-1F Mme Deleplanque
1-2F Mme Gittens 1-3 Mrs Sims 2-1F Mme Leung 2-2 Mrs Benjamins
3-1F Mrs Tarasko 3-2F Mrs Kuiper 3-3 Mrs Striker 4-1F Mme Fredette
4-2 Mrs Alcock 5-1F Mrs Bishop 5-2 Mrs. Cooper 6-1F Mme McGuire
6-2F Mr Roorda 6-3 Ms Gore 6-4 Ms Kelley 7-1F Mme Rus
7-2F Mr Summers  ** 7-3 Mrs Ioannidis 7-4 Ms Beck 7-5 Mrs Flesig **
7-6 Mr Sargent  ** 8-1F Mme Mariancci-Green 8-2 Mr Morgan 8-3 Mrs Haramis
ACE Mrs Samuell

1-5 SERT

 Mrs Daudjee

Mlle Lee

**  These teachers have already connected with you directly and you do not require a link to connect to them