These options are currently on hold.

We currently offer choices for your children’s lunch during the week. They include Pita Pit, Tokuno Sushi, Lunch Lady, and pizza.

Pita Pit:
Pitas are delivered at second nutrition break every Monday.



Tokuno Sushi serves a variety of sushi options to us every second nutrition break on Tuesday.


Pita Pit and Sushi ordering is done online at:      Elementary School Nutrition Services    using credit or debit cards.


Lunch Lady
Lunch Lady serves pre-ordered lunches to your children on Wednesdays at 2nd break. Orders and changes can be done online at  and must be completed 3 school days prior to any delivery date. If you have any questions, please visit the website or e-mail


Pizza is pre-ordered for 2 to 3 months at a time.  Orders are placed in School Day, found on the school homepage. In School Day, click on the product tab to complete your order.  Pizza is served each Thursday, 2nd break.