Playground Fundraising and Updates

Why a New Playground and Why Parents need to fundraise

  • The existing Laurelwood PS playground is almost 20 years old and is approaching its end of life. It will be demolished within a year or two. Thus, we, parents, need to start fundraising for a new playground.
  • In general, School Boards don’t subsidize or pay for playgrounds. Despite that, School Board has strict policies regarding new playground construction. More on that in Questions and Answers.
  • New playground prices vary a lot. Significant portion of the “price” is not the play structure, but infrastructure development for its installation.
  • Some grants can be obtained, but typically they are given only after parents have raised some funds.
  • Parent committee is working to get donations from businesses. Again, funds contributed directly by parents will help convince businesses to donate.
  • Please find few minutes to read a personal letter from Robin Duncan, Chair of Laurelwood PS New Playground Fundraising.

How much has been raised already?

Thanks to all the supporters and those who have donated already. As of 21st of December, 2016 we have fundraised ~30,000 CAD.

Updates on Progress

For future updates, follow us on Twitter and Facebook – it is much easier to provide updates and get your feedback online than sending paper newsletters home. It also saves trees.

If you are not on Facebook or Twitter, please let us know your preferred electronic method of communication by filling this form:

How to donate for or support Laurelwood PS’s new playground

We would like to recognize donations at the Supporter Level and above ($250 or more). Please fill Support Level Donation form and email it to Robin Duncan ( or attach to your cash/cheque donation.

If you plan to donate some time later, please let us know by filling this form.

1. Cash and personal cheques

  • Please bring cash or cheques to Laurelwood PS’s Principal, Liz Arbuckle.
  • Cheques should be payable to “WEFI” (which stands for Waterloo Education Foundation). Please write “Laurelwood PS Playground” in the memo line.
  • Tax receipt will be issued by school board after donation will be processed by board’s accounting department.

2. On-line

  • Head to online donation webiste
  • Scroll down to the bottom of that page.
  • Fill in amount. Currently all donations go through WEFI’s Laurelwood PS fund.
  • Indicate “Playground fund” as a “message”.
  • Continue with donation process.
  • Tax receipt for on-line donation is issued immediately after the on-line payment is completed. Credit cards and other methods of payment are available.

3. Volunteering

If you would like to volunteer, please contact Robin Duncan (

We need few volunteers to:

  • help with odd jobs, like stapling monthly newsletters.
  • help contact local businesses as potential sponsors.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please read Questions and Answers for more information about the project. More questions? Email